Jake & Lindsay Wedding (Valley Center, CA)

DISCLAIMER: What you are about to witness is an INSANE amount of incredible photos!!! ...What a beautiful place to have a wedding! For those of you that aren't familiar with California, Valley Center is in the middle of the mountains...and there are some valleys in the center?! Well it was my first time to this part of California and just the drive from the airport alone had me as excited as the time the first Pokémon movie came out!...I mean the first time I went to the state meet for cross country...or the first time I had a photo published in a book...you get the idea. ;-)... And THEN Jake & Lindsay's Wedding took place!

Many of you might remember Jake & Lindsay from the Engagement Shoot that I did for them back in April. Well, if you liked those then you will LOVE their wedding photos!!

From the Church, to the ceremony, the shoot in a SUNFLOWER FIELD, to the outdoor reception, and the CRAZY dance party that erupted in the gazebo, this wedding was a BLAST!!!

Thanks for having me guys! Your wedding was loads of fun...and Lindsay...YES, your wedding did put the capital 'C' in California!

Enjoy everyone!! (And be sure to check back later today for an engagement shoot I also did while I was in California!!!!!)