What I've Been Doing Lately...PREVIEW!

So, the past few months have been wonderfully hectic! I've been shooting, traveling and editing and thats about it! I've been from one end of the country and back almost twice just in the past two weeks!! From Connecticut to New York to California back to New York and with just enough time to do laundry and then off to Michigan! Im finally back, but I will be traveling to Massachusetts tomorrow for another wedding! Crazy, I know! Anyways, I'm working on cranking out all my post processing as fast as I can and hopefully my recent purchase of a BRAND NEW 27'' iMAC  will help the workflow a bit!! But in the mean time, I know that you are all quite anxious to quench your eyes with a small peek of how wonderful all of these photos are turning out!!

Therefore, this is the part where I stop talking and you start experiencing the GREAT GORGEOUS GLORY that will make you go GA-GA over them!!