Mary & Jed Engagement (Philadelphia Naval Yard, PA)

...Wow! Where do I even begin?... Well, to start off may I say that Mary and Jed were an awesome couple to work with and an honor to shoot! In fact, we owe most of the kudo's to Jed for helping us get into one of the most epic locations that we've ever had the opportunity to shoot at!

I'll admit that I didn't finish my homework on this one when I offered the idea to shoot at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. When Angela and I showed up early to get set up, we were shocked to find out that the Navy Yard is not open to civilians (AKA: The Public) to just waltz on in. However, after we had turned around, made a melancholy phone call to these two and were beginning to 'iPhone search' for other locations to start our shoot, Mary and Jed rolled along ready to save the day! ...(This leads me to why I stated earlier why they were such an honor to shoot. See, Jed is a Pilot in the United States Air Force and serves our country for a living and Mary is a nurse originally from Ireland. What better of a combo in a couple could you ask for?!...At this point in their relationship, Mary likes to quiz Jed on how well he knows his knowledge of medical instruments, while Jed quizes Mary on what planes are currently flying overhead. They are not only a fun-loving couple, but also two great people totally in love!)...Shortly after these two showed up and Jed utilized a military connection or two ;) and we were following them into what I can only describe as a photo journalist style photographers euphoria.

Old, classic, ornate, industrial, dilapidated, full of character, immense and rugged were only a few of the many words that I could use to describe this ENORMOUS military base! I literally could have spent an entire day or week there just taking pictures of old buildings, textures and all sorts of other details!

After taking as much advantage of the Navy Yard at the most prime of sun lit hours of the day, we headed up to center city Philadelphia to accomplish a special task for the happy couple. Being that Mary is a nurse and Jed is in the armed forces, Mary wanted to recreate  a personalized version of a photo called "V-J Day in Times Square" made famous by Alfred Eisenstaedt, a photographer for Time Magazine in 1945. So, even though Jed isn't a sailor (which isn't a bad thing) and we didn't have a ticker-tape parade happening in the background, I definitely think that this couple takes a pretty darn good photo!

Thank you both again for a great day, a fantastic shoot and for making our jobs so fun and enjoyable!


P.S. Look out for Mary & Jed's Wedding photos in September when LongBrook Photography is headed to IRELAND to shoot our first international wedding!!!