The Day Matt & Dannielle became Husband & Wife (Huntington Beach, CA)

The story that I am about to tell you is one of joy of true love and of happiness. Matt and Dannielle are rooted in a few things: their faith, their loved ones, laughter, and serving others. I have never met two people more devoted to sacrificing their time and energy to being present to those who they care about. If you were to ask any one of their friends, they will tell you about all of the nights that either one of them stayed up until all hours listening to a current need or going out of their way to affirm them in some way, shape or form. In fact, it was in these ways that Matt & Dannielle began their journey towards life together as husband and wife. See, Matt and Dannielle started out as friends, then became close friends, then became best friends. Matt thought Dannielle was so great that he tried setting his friends up on dates with her...Then one day they realized....'maybe we've been waiting all this time for each other to come along...' But neither of them knew how to go about this. Soon after, on a cool Easter night, after Matt drove aimlessly around North Eastern Ohio for nearly 8 hours, until he was able to muster up the nerves to ask Dannielle out. And now here we are.

Another important part of this day was Dannielle's "Grandma Dot" as everyone called her. Grandma Dot and her husband not only raised Dannielle, but also fought cancer twice determined to see her granddaughter get married. After what can only be described as a miracle, Grandma Dot beat cancer twice and watched her grand daughter walk down the aisle dressed in white and start her new life with Matt. I can only give you a photo to describe the joy that is so apparent in her eyes from this day. Sadly, four days after the wedding Grandma Dot passed away and is now looking down on and looking out for Matt and Dannielle on the road ahead of them.

I have only one last request for you and that is that if you are a man or woman of any walk of faith, please take a moment and say a prayer for Grandma Dot, Dannielle and their family during this time.

Thank you Matt and Dannielle for allowing me the privilege to be able to tell your story.


(One final side note. For this wedding we teamed up with Elizabeth Binette Photography and had such a great experience. To see some awesome shots from this wedding please click HERE to check out her wonderful post!)