Anthony & Nicole and Their Marriage (College Point, NY)

Amidst the hustle and bustle of College Point, NY lies a small gem of a place. And here in this place a beautiful couple joined their lives together. The place was The Queens Botanical Gardens. The couple was Anthony & Nicole and the ceremony was simple and genuine. Anthony & Nicole also had a son, Ayden, who was a little shy guy but he gives a mean high five if you were to ever ask him for one! Ayden played a special role in this wedding as he was the ring bearer for his parent's big day.

Following the ceremony and the gorgeous post shoot on this tucked away garden we headed to The Watermill in Smithtown, NY to celebrate. What a wonderful event!

Thank you both for the honor and ability to be part of your day! I had a blast!


Queen Botanical Gardens

Chic a Floral Boutique

The Watermill Caterers

DJLM  Sound