Chris & Elizabeth Engagement (Huntington Beach, CA)

Okay, now I don't want to overwhelm you, but my Trip to California this August was SOO great that I just HAD to do another photo-shoot! Chris and I go way back to freshman year of college. I am so happy that he found Elizabeth because they are perfect for each other! After the previous wedding that I shot (Jake & Lindsay), Elizabeth's family was kind enough to host me. Thank you so much again for having me!

Our day/the shoot began at In-N-Out Burger, and let me tell you, nothing says 'Welcome back to California!' like a Double Double Animal Style Burger with fries and Coke! After we headed over to an old factory district of Claremont, which has been newly renovated and restored, we practically spent half the shoot in the parking garage! (To all you photographers out there, never underestimate the plethora of fun spots you can find in a parking garage!...Just be sure there is lots of sun!) After we had exhausted every possible nook-n'-cranny of that structure, we moved to a nearby old citrus factory renovated into shops and found some KILLER sky-lighting!

From there we headed down to Huntington Beach for some romantic shots on the 'famous' pier. To our surprise, the last day of the U.S. Surf Open was going on and not only was the pier loaded with vendor tents, but the beach was also loaded with people! So we went with the next best location, under the pier! I'm not going to lie to you, the lighting and everything was WAY better/cooler down there anyway!

I could go on about how wonderful all the photos turned out, but instead I'll just let the photos themselves do that! So tune your Pandora Radio© to Bob Marley, sit back, relax and enjoy this sunny West Coast display of awesomeness!


(P.S. This first shot is what I like to call my Money Shot!! the 'Like' button on the top right hand side of this post if you agree with me ;-P)