David & Brigid's Trash The Dress Down On The Bayou

Evening came, morning followed and with it David & Brigid and I, along with a lot of coffee, suited back up and headed out in two small fishing boats into the depths of the bayou. What I was able to see and capture was nothing short of breathtaking! The lazy meandering water, the tall grass, the reeds, the sounds of the heron fry from tree to tree, the song of the grasshoppers and the buzz of all the tiny little creatures that help create the rest of the symphony that harmonized so well with the way the water slid under the boat. We all had a great time figuring out how to do this shoot from two separate boats. What was even more fun was watching David skillfully maneuver the boat and then run up on the bow for a few shots before landing the boat in the overgrowth. Brigid's dress could have been easily trashed during this shoot, however that was not something we intended to do and luckily did not accomplish along the way. What we did accomplish was having a blast while getting some incredible shots!

Thank both for giving me this opportunity and a special thanks to best man Andrew and his girlfriend Tess for being my trusty pilots who did all the driving! =)