Brigid & David And Their New Orleans Wedding

There's no place like New Orleans. There's no place like New Orleans.

There's no place like New Orleans...

Why, you ask?

Well, from the moment you step foot on that sweet southern soil, you almost somehow feel like you're (and this excludes those already living in New Orleans) at home. New Orleans is one of the few places that I've been to that has an incredible sense of community everywhere you go. Whether you visit a 'camp' (A.K.A their version of a summer home) in a small town down by the bayou, or the regal city itself: this place has incredible charm as well as lovely southern hospitality.

If you've never heard of how a New Orleans wedding works, it goes a little something like this: Lots of finger-lickin' good Southern food, Lots of dancing and lots upon lots of fun! That's pretty much how this wedding went down. =)

Everything starts the night before at rehearsal dinner where at the dinner the best man, maid of honor and parents all give the toasts and wish the bride and groom to be the warmest of wishes. After a long relaxing night and some needed sleeping in the next morning, the preparations begin. At around 7pm the wedding ceremony will start. After that it's straight to party time!

You think I'm kidding. I'm not. These people can, will and LOVE to party! There is no traditional sit down dinner either. There is food if you want it but dancing and celebrating the joy of the families of Brigid & David seemed to outweigh anyone's hunger throughout the whole reception!

Brigid & David were a wonderful couple. Brigid, born and raised on a dairy farm in Ireland, came to the U.S. to attend college where she met David, a baseball player from New Orleans who spends his free time fishing out on the bayou.

He actually spent the morning of his wedding out fishing on the bayou. However, on his way out to his favorite spot, David passed another fisher who's engine had died and needed to be towed. So being the Southern gentleman and great person that he is, David spent his time that morning towing this other man back to his dock. What. A. Guy.

Brigid spent her morning chatting with her bridesmaids and revisiting old memories through a scrapbook they had made for her. The mood was excitedly anxious as Brigid awaited that wonderful pivotal moment where she and David will say 'I Do' to each other. Both Brigid & David prepared for this wonderful occasion joyfully and completely free of any kind of stress. As the events of the day were set in motion I was reassured as to why I do what I do and also why I love it so much. Through the events of this day, I got to witness a mini love story packaged inside one day that is just a preview to the beautiful journey that every couple embarks on as they begin their lives as one.

Thank you again for hosting me in such a wonderful place and for the exciting experience that New Orleans is!

...ALSO, Following this post will be their Trash The Dress photo shoot that we got to do on the bayou itself!... So be sure to check back soon!