The Story of Mike &Sara-Lee's Wedding Day (Philadelphia, PA)

This is the story of Mike & Sara-Lee and their wedding day. It may have been just a normal summer afternoon to almost everyone else in Philadelphia. But to Mike & Sara-Lee it was the start of every day.

This day was the day that Mike & Sara-Lee chose to officially join their lives to one another. Because of this, Mike & Sara-Lee chose to make this day unlike any other day in their lives.

The warm summer breeze rustling through the low hanging trees set the perfect intimate scene. Sara-Lee was upstairs, Mike was downstairs. Both getting ready, both excited and both a little bit nervous. The band was warming up outside and guests were slowly trickling in.

What happened next can hardly be expressed in words. (...This is why I choose to photograph these kinds of things...)

If you could bottle up the joy and pure happiness that was shining from  Mike & Sara-Lee's faces upon their first glances at each other like you can bottle up fireflies in mason jars, you would probably be able to light up an entire house for weeks! Just don't forget to poke holes in the lids. =)

All it took was that one moment for me to understand that these two were meant for each other.

The rest of the day confirmed that for me in the outpouring of support shown by all who were present. The ceremony was beautiful and if you've seen the LETLOOSEBOOTH post before this one, you'll know that the reception was an absolute blast, but I think at this point I am going to stop talking and let these wonderful photos tell the rest of the story.

Thank you again for having us!